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Karl Erikson

An abstracted narrative about how, in order to evolve physically and biologically, we must find ways to join with the non-human, here represented by centipedes and snails. Inspired by the writings of Donna Haraway, "Motherless Mind-Children"  the performance is a collage of  videos and “found footage” from Superheros Pregnant Soccer Balls Fidget Spinner Spiderman Joker Hulk Cartoon Funny Kids Video, a deleted youtube video algorithmically generated to attract child viewers, mixed and performed live.

Karl Erickson’s primary media are video, posters, collage and latch-hook rugs and pillows. Recently he has been an artist in residence at The Arctic Circle and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Swing Space Residency on Governor’s Island. Upcoming shows include at Hyde Park Art Center in “A Study in Midwestern Appropriation.” His videos will be shown as part of screenings at Creon Gallery in New York and Parsons Hall Project Space in Holyoke, MA. He received his MFA from California Institute of the Arts and his BFA from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

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Mark Perretta

Mark Perretta is a musician, visual artist and an avid record collector.  He has recorded and produced music for Spirit of Orr Records in Burlington, Vermont. He also recorded with Deluxx Folk Implosion whose songs appeared on major motion picture soundtracks Kids and Legally Blonde 2. His visual art and performances have been featured in arts festivals overseas including the Soho in Ottakring festival in Vienna, Austria, and more recently at the Anderungen Aller Arts in Monchengladbach, Germany.