Competitive Program #1


Like this/ like that 

by Tommy Heffron

"Let nothing be changed and all be different." Bresson via public access.



by Jason Bernagozzi

Emergence is a video that explores the tension between violence and intimacy at a small town pro wrestling match in Johnson City, NY. As the wrestlers engage in their dramatic struggle for dominance, the frame difference processing analyzes and exposes the intricate details of their movements, expressions and interactions. Paired with the song "Crying" by Roy Orbison, the artist frames the archetype of the pro wrestling match as a tension between consensual physicality and the performance of masculinity.


38 River road

by Josh Weissbach

The voice of a figureless character is heard. The figure of a voiceless character is seen. A sequence of estranged voicemails is framed by unidentified events. Fear resides in the gesture of a telling.

East West and East Again 2.jpg

East, West, and East again

by Kathleen Rugh

On the edges of New York City and the outskirts of Los Angeles, expansive oceans reach the land. People flock to experience a piece of nature grander than their cities. The film explores that boundary and at moments brings these two disparate coasts together as one. Through in-camera edits and double exposures, slices of the film layer together these distant locales.



by Lori Felker

'Discontinuity' highlights the irregular spaces and unexpected fissures that can pop up between us, and all of the things that can fall in and get lost. Tabitha and Stephen have been in each others' lives for a long time, but because of their jobs they must periodically live apart. When Tabitha returns 'home' after their longest separation, what they've been missing becomes opaquely clear and who they're becoming makes it hard for them to see each other. As the interruptions and incongruities pile up, 'Discontinuity' mirrors the missed connections in its characters’ reunion with its approach to editing, its confusion of time and space, and a freewheeling clowder of cats.


Party man

by Kayla Drzewicki

It is the Party Man™, and only the Party Man™, that is allowed to have fun in the experimental dance home video PARTY MAN. He is the embodiment of a Good Time: an aspiring dancer, likes the color yellow, maybe a good chef (?). If you have faith in the Party Man™, you can be anyone you want to be.