Competitive Program #2

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Undefined Spaces

by Michelle Trujillo

Spazi Indeterminabili is an exploration of spatial and social orientations within national borders and social structures.  It follows personal memories and portraits of space and spacelessness through the cities of Miami and Milwaukee. It holds onto the ideas found in Sarah Ahmed's "Queer phenomenology" that call onto the concept of disorientation as a radical form of resisting and being in the world.

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way of the gods

by Lorenzo Gattorna

The mysterious stirs a reaction: an ah! This ah! is not an ah ha! or Eureka—that is, an exclamation of discovering an answer. The ah! response to mystery is more a dumbfounded recognition and appreciation of an inexplicable power or presence ... For Shinto, though, the point is to accept the awesome as part of the world in which we live. To deny or try to eradicate the wondrous mystery is no less than to run away from home." – Shinto: The Way Home, Thomas P. Kasulis

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One and Many

by Jonas Bak

A fly is trapped behind a window. A man lives in a new city. People’s worlds are crammed together, yet they are galaxies apart. Flies are drawn to a street light. Alone and together. One and many.



by Brian Charles Patterson

Patriot is a short video examining isolation, paranoia, voyeurism, surveillance, and narcissism through the means of original collected footage and voiceover narration.