Competitive Program #3



by Lana Caplan

Gods, natural disasters, and the end of radio…mythology, religious fanaticism, climate deniers, environmental profiteers, and the threat to free speech reflected in the mirror of an unnatural, morphing landscape.

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The Night in the Last Branches

by Michael Morris

The end of the world was televised. You can find it in the archives: the planet made us vanish; our languages fractured; god was dead and the computers knew it. Change the channel and you might miss it.

Amarillo Ramp_still3.jpg

Amarillo Ramp

by Bill Brown & Sabine Gruffat

An exploration of sculptor Robert Smithson's final earthwork, 'Amarillo Ramp.’ Employing filmmaking strategies that are both responsive to the artwork's environmental context and informed by Smithson's own art-making strategies, the filmmakers encounter the Ramp as an observatory where human scales of space and time are set against geological and cosmic scales.

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Large Child: Construction

by Paul Shortt

A man attempts to use a child's digging toy at a construction site.