Competitive Program #4



by Pieter Geenen

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Empty Nightclub1.jpg

Empty Nightclub 

by Ben Edelberg

Empty Nightclub is a maze of urban streets, dark corridors, and dance floors. The video weaves scenes from Orlando, New York, Chicago, and Toronto to take the viewer on a mysterious journey. Are we looking for the party or are we desperately searching for the exit?


Sweet Love

by Stephen Crompton

“I was thinking of writing something totally absurd; to take the genre of softcore porn, and merge it with the concept of the Theatre of the Absurd” - Alvin Bojar

Alvin Bojar, a retired entertainment producer, now lives in Sun City Center, Florida, which is one of the state’s many so-called “active living” communities for persons over-55. Alvin sees his current home as a sort of “heaven’s waiting room”, but his sense of humour endures. From the confines of this retirement dreamscape, Alvin recounts his experiences, from more than forty years earlier, of writing and producing a bizarre softcore porn film called Fongaluli. It tells the story of a scientist who discovers a rare plant leaf that temporarily transforms his pet lobster into a beautiful woman, presenting new possibilities for interbreeding. As Alvin recalls the intent and circumstances surrounding this truly surreal production, Sweet Love ponders the parallel absurdity of life in heaven’s waiting room.


Lunar Unlimited

by Jake Marcks

Lunar Unlimited is a mix of sci-fi, comedy, and experimental visuals. It follows a girl who tries out a virtual reality episode of her favorite sitcom, but due to a malfunction becomes trapped inside.