Competitive Program #7

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Beautiful Eyes

by Rani Crowe

A young girl with dark thoughts "gets fixed" at the beauty salon.


Nothing a Little Soap and Water Can't Fix

by Jennifer Proctor

In films, as in life, the bathtub is often considered a private space for women - a place not only to groom, but to relax, to think, to grieve, to be alone, to find sanctuary. For Hollywood, though, it's also a place of naked vulnerability, where women narratively placed in harm's way have no escape. Using appropriated movies, this experimental found footage work deconstructs the representations of women in this domestic space as historically framed in popular film.



by Ariel Teal

Embodying a body after trauma. Blowjobs, memory, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are interwoven in attempt to process and find bodily autonomy.

When I Was Four 1.png

When I Was Four

by Hugo Ljungbäck

When I Was Four reenacts a distant childhood memory of the first night in a new home, and relates it to an adolescent experience, in hope to uncover what truth the memory holds, if any.


Top Thrill

by Grace Mitchell

The vacillating sisterhood of a mother and daughter: Daughter gets her first period on a roller coaster in Ohio & Mother has an affair with a truck driver. Their shared secrecy both bonds and entraps them.


Dyke in Sight

by Carleen Maur

A Dyke-femme’s love of regional landscapes, language boundaries, and f*cking.


Otherness Is A Womb

by Hope Youngblood

Police Sirens and makeup. When a trans woman watches tragedies, closeted ghosts appear. Often trauma seeps into redundancy, but the everyday for some fermints into PTSD for her. Hope Lyca Youngblood is a Trans woman living in the bible belt.  

Mammaries 2.jpg


by Monica Panzarino

This performance of Barbra Streisand’s 1973 hit single, “The Way We Were”, pairs a play on the word “memories” with a unique combination of real-time image and sound processing tools to evoke nostalgia for outmoded technologies. The image is processed by re-scanning a replica of the historic Paik/Abe “Wobbulator”, built by Jason Bernagozzi. Panzarino’s voice is processed by “The Nipulator 2.0”, a custom-built, wireless performance tool created by the artist that utilizes hardware potentiometers (or knobs), a DJ Hero microcontroller, and a Max/MSP software patch. The left "nipple" of the bra manipulates the frequency of Panzarino’s voice in real-time, while the right "nipple" adds reverb.