There were three winning films selected in no particular order by festival jurors Jon Dieringer and Liz Rodda. Congrats to the filmmakers!


Amarillo Ramp 

Amarillo Ramp_still.jpg

Bill Brown & Sabine Gruffat - 2017

Screened April 7. Competitive Program #3 1:30-2:30pm. 
An exploration of sculptor Robert Smithson's final earthwork, 'Amarillo Ramp.’ Employing filmmaking strategies that are both responsive to the artwork's environmental context and informed by Smithson's own art-making strategies, the filmmakers encounter the Ramp as an observatory where human scales of space and time are set against geological and cosmic scales.十





Joseph Wilcox - 2017

Screened April 7th. Competitive Program #5. 4:30-5:30pm. I discovered Martin Klein while browsing a conspiracy web forum a few years back. He caught my attention with a series of posts he made with ideas I had not seen anywhere else; most notably a video explaining how the CIA had infiltrated the punk scene in the 80s. In an abrupt final post, he included a cryptic letter that he received from a company called True Picture America. I’ve come to the conclusion that this letter was a warning. The film serves as evidence from my path of discovery into who Martin Klein was and who he was not.



Please Step Out Of The Frame


Karissa Kahn - 2018

Screened April 7th. Competitive Program #6. 7:30-8:30pm. 
from your desk(top) 
mistrust the manufactured image
distrust the assembled picture
give no credence to the massed account
discredit the aggregate narrative
defame the corporate chronicle
denigrate the collective annals
doubt the constructed copy - consider the clone.

accept the dismantled vision
exalt the forged now brain
subscribe to the ditto
fuel the doodad delusion
nourish the gizmo nightmare
incite the idiot box prophecy
inflame the dingbat phantasm
a film burn becoming pixels as band-aid
a manufactured reinforcement
in the empire of computer and you
feeding machine-vision
the partition of screen