Local Info

All of our screenings and events will be taking place in the heart of downtown Muncie. 
Screenings: Cornerstone Center for the Arts, 520 E. Main St.
Events I Box Office: PlySpace Gallery, 608 E. Main St.

PlySpace and Cornerstone are located directly across the street from one another. There is parking available at both locations, and street parking is also available in the immediate neighborhood.  

Courtyard Marriot, 601 S. High St., Located downtown (2 minute drive, 8 minute walk). This is the closest hotel to the festival events, a very short walk to everything, and there is parking.  

There are numerous locally owned and operated restaurants, bars and places to get coffee a short 5-10 minute walk when west toward the downtown. On Saturday April 7th during our dinner break, we will have a free trolley available that can take film-goers around a loop of the downtown every 30 minutes. On Saturday during lunch and dinner Fire and Brimstone Pizza Company will also be parked in the PlySpace lot, if you want to grab something fast between screenings.

Festival stops along the trolley route:
Fire and Brimstone Pizza Company: Wood fired pizza! Parked in the PlySpace lot during lunch and dinner on Saturday, you can also find them on Friday night parked by the Fickle Peach.
The Guardian Brewing Company: Located at Madjax (2 minute walk, corner of Madison and Jackson, but you can enter the building directly across the street from Cornerstone). This is the closest place for beer to the theater.  Dedicated to brewing fresh, flavorful, unfiltered, quality craft beers. They are also our festival beer at the events! 
Elm Street Brewing Company: 519 N. Elm St. (8 minute walk, but take the Trolley to this one it not as easy to find!). Provides excellent beer, wine and artisan foods in a unique, family friendly setting (presently 21+), Pizzas, fresh salads, vegetarian and meat options.
Savages Bar and Grill: 127 N. High St. (6 minute walk from Cornerstone). American pub food, beer & wine, good for lunch or late night, great beer selection and PBR on tap.
The Caffeinery:  401 S. Walnut Street (10 minute walk from Cornerstone, close to the Courtyard Hotel)
 A coffee and tea house that specializes in gourmet coffees, loose leaf teas, and espresso-based beverages.
The Downtown Farmstand: 125 E. Main St. (3 minute walk). Need some coffee, fresh slow food, gluten free snacks or a kombucha after a dense screening? This is your spot to grab things fast in that 30 minute window between programs- it's the closest snack fix!